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Folsom Lake Patch Set

  • Auburn Dam to Rattlesnake Bar
  • Rattlesnake Bar to Granite Bay
  • Granite Bay to Folsom Marina
  • Folsom Marina to Salmon Falls Bridge
  • Wild Goose Flat to Peninsula Pt.
  • Salmon Falls Bridge to Peninsula Park Campground

Conditioning hikes, overnighters, trails for the Hiking Merit Badge, cool patches,...the Folsom Lake Treks have it all, and they're right next door! The trails can get hot in the Summer, but the rest of the year is usually great.

A Set of Six, Ten Mile, Day Hikes

by: Randal Counts as a part of his Wood Badge ticket

Note: The information herein deals with the trail system around Folsom Lake. The system is divided into six segments. This information has a section covering the overall trail system and a section for each of the segments. The information in each segment covers directions to find the trailhead to stay on the trail. The information is supplemented with a set of diagrams, maps, and pictures. (from the author's original text: "When you see a number in parentheses within a sentence in the text, it refers to the item of the same number in the diagrams, maps and pictures. These help to clarify the text." Editor's Note: the photos & sketches have been incorporated into the text for clarity)

The Folsom Lakes Treks wander the perimeter of Folsom Lake, forming an excellent set of fitness hikes for all scouters. These treks can be taken separately, or they may be linked into overnight treks, using the campgrounds and minimum impact campsites around the lake. These segments may be completed by hiking them in either direction. The three campsites are at Beal's Point, Negro Bar, and the Peninsula Campground. The minimum impact campsites are one near Avery's Pond, just north of Rattlesnake Bar, and Biggers Point Campground, just northwest of the Peninsula Campground.

The best time to use the campgrounds is from late fall to early spring as there are few people using them then. Check with the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area Headquarters on Folsom Dam Road for information on campsite use.

Consult Placer and El Dorado County Area Maps or a Thomas Brother's Map for roadway connections. The appropriate USGS 7 1/2 minute quad sheets for access, trail routes and emergency egress, are Auburn, Pilot Hill, Rocklin, Folsom and Clarksville. Check with the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area Headquarters as you can get trail and campsite maps there.

There are no restroom facilities or water at any location other than Beal's Point, Folsom Marina, Folsom Point, or the Peninsula Campground. Take along as much water as you can carry. Lake water can be purifed or filtered, but has a decided saline taste. These treks can be very hot and sweaty affairs in the summer and early fall. Note that there are warnings about mountain lions and one rattlesnake was found on the trail.

Be sure that you have made adequate arrangements for food, water, and first aid. Insure that the boys are familiar with proper trail sanitation. Dig catholes 200 feet from the water and the trail.

All of the trails are open to hikers. Some are open for horseback riding and mountain bike riding. Watch for these riders, as they can quickly overrun your troop. Trail etiquette directs you to give the trail to these users.

Sponsored by: Golden Empire Council High Adventure Team


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