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Venturing Awards and Recognition

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Venturing Advancement Awards:









Venturing's new award system consists of the Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit Awards. Each award is centered around the "ALPS" model of adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service. For a full list of advancement award requirements, click here.


Venturing Achievement Awards

A variety of awards are available to Venturers who accomplish specific achievements. For example, these include the Venturing Ranger Award, the Quest Awards, the TRUST Award. For a complete list of Venturing Achievement Awards and requirements, click here.


Venturing Adult Leadership Award

This is an award for adults who, at a unit or council level, show outstanding leadership and dedication to the Venturing program. They are the mentors and the guides to those in their crews, and encompass the values that the Venturing program attempts to instill in its youth participants. Nominations may be made only by youth venturing members.

The recognition items include a certificate and a medallion suspended from a green and white ribbon.  

Applications can be found on the Venturing Resources Page, click here


Venturing Leadership Award










The Venturing Leadership Award (VLA) is a national level award presented by councils, areas, regions, and national, to Venturing youth and adults who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the Venturing Code and Venturing Oath.  

A council may award a VLAs depending on the number of Venturing Crews in the Council.  Venturing youth will represent at least 50% of the VLAs awarded by the Golden Empire Council's VOA each year.

The recognition items include a certificate, medallion suspended from a blue and white ribbon, and a knot to be worn on the field uniform.    

Nominations may be made for youth and adults by youth and adults.

Applications can be found on the Venturing Resources page, click here.


Previous Recipients of the Council Venturing Leadership Award



Robert Trygstad

Evan Schilling

Christina Yeung

Blaine Nickens


Zach Baker

Amina Noorani

John Walton

Sarah Yeung


Keller Trutner

Kandra Wong


Vickie Ashworth

Mari Huber

Jonathan Sant

Claralyn Sant


Meagan Donaldson
Ale Ruiz
Alex Wilder
Dylan Wilder
Mark Wong


Jahna Carlson
Nick Rogues


Jason Lee


Christian Alvarado
Chris Krogen
Viviane Yee


Erik Carlson
Dakota Fitzsimmons


Amanda Clark
Gabriela Budilo-Wilson
Zachary Boyle
John Falk
Scott Parsons
Anne Pohle
Nicole Simone


Sam Falk
Claire Pohle
Rachel Raffalli
Kevin Tharratt
Robert Woodward
Lowell Fletcher
Allan (Sky) Pohle
Bob Shumate
Paul Bradley
Ricci Dula


Bill Woodward


Doug Trent
Greg Trent
Micholas Simone
Christopher Soncrant
Richard Zipp


Joshua Harrison
Aaron Phipps
Michael Brandt
John Feroud Sr.
Regina Harrison


James Ketcham
Kyle Locvich
John Schmeltz Jr.
Melony Blaz
Janis Dmytriw
John Schmeltz Sr.
Bill Soncrant
Dave Waybright


Marion Rice



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