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Chairman's Corner

Greetings Soaring Eagle District!

Wow!  What a summer!  A summer filled with lots of great “Scout Stuff.”  What is “Scout Stuff?” 

Scout Stuff is defined as: Twilight Camp, Fun, Scout Camp, Advancement, Cub Scout Resident Camp, National Jamboree, New Friends, Pack Meetings, Raingutter Regattas, Eagle Courts of Honor, Philmont, Florida Sea Base, Hot, Camp Lassen, Thirsty, NYLT, USS Hornet, USS Pompanito, Mount Diablo, Folsom Lake, Humid, American River, Leadership, Staff Development, Merit Badges, Courts of Honor, 50-Milers, “Drink Water!”, Bike Trips, National Pack Award, Canoeing, Sailing, Fishing, Hiking, Really Hot, Camping, Planes-Trains-Buses-Automobiles to get there, Cooking, Swimming, Mosquitos, Sunburn, Camp Winton, Camp Cole, Camp Marin Sierra, Camp Cody, “Drink More Water!”, Camp Royaneh, Camp Baker, Camp Wente, Camp Fiesta Island, Camp Cherry Valley, more Mosquitos, Camp Meriwether, Rafting, Nor Cal Activity Area, Backpacking, Funthusiasm (a word from NYLT), Skits, Songs, Camp Fires, Insect Bites, Capture The Flag, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Shooting Sports, Boating, Trail to First Class, Trail to Eagle, Wilderness Survival, First Aid, Camp Staff, Astronomy, and more!  And that just scratches the surface.  So much more happened this summer.

I can sum it all up in one phrase…SCOUTING HAPPENS!!  But, how did all of that Scout Stuff happen?  It doesn’t happen by itself.

First, it took a lot of Scouts: Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing Scouts, Explorers, and Sea Scouts to do all of those activities.

Second, it took a lot of youth leaders:  Denners and Den Chiefs, Patrol Leaders, Senior Patrol Leaders, Captains, Presidents, and more to lead those activities.

Next, it took all the Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, Posts, and Ships to group all of those Scouts together for those activities.

It then took a large number of volunteers to organize, corral, heard, drive, push, guide, encourage, and mentor all of those Scouts in all of those Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, Posts, and Ships.  It also took parents, siblings, Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Coaches, Advisors, committee members, family, and friends.  It took a lot of training for those volunteers to do what they do.  It is in the training that volunteers learn the Scouting programs.

So…to repeat…SCOUTING HAPPENS!!!  Scouting happens when you put all of it together, in an organized way, following the Scouting programs.  Keep doing Scouting.  Keep getting trained.  Keep doing Scout Stuff!

See you in Scouting,

District Chairman
Soaring Eagle District, Golden Empire Council


251 Commerce Circle
Sacramento, CA 95815

phone: (916) 929-1417

Hours of Operation:
8:30am - 5:00pm (M-F)
Closed Saturday & Sunday

River City Scout Shop

251 Commerce Circle
Sacramento, CA 95815

phone: (916) 649-1800

Hours of Operation:
9:00am - 5:00pm (Tuesday - Friday)
Closed for lunch 1:00 - 1:30

10:30am - 3:00pm (Saturday)
Closed Sunday and Monday

NorCal Scout Shop - Chico

3881 Benatar Way, Suite D
Chico, CA 95928

phone: (530) 809-0400

Hours of Operation:
11:00am - 6:00pm (W-F)
10:00am - 2:00pm (Saturday)
Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

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